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OCD # 1 Hannah’s Counting
Why The Number 8?

This is the first in a series of 4 Posts. What’s in Girls & Hannah’s OCD? The word OCD is tossed around too casually in our contemporary culture – as in “I’m so OCD” to mean “I’m a perfectionist.” Or “I like to have things organized and controlled.” Sure, those things can be true of people who…

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MAD MEN Season 7 Episode 11
Will More Losses
Mean A Setback for Don?

Right when it seems life is moving along for Don in a more optimistic way, Mad Men Season 7 Episode 11 Time and Life comes along. McCann-Erickson plays a manipulative trick, absorbing Sterling Cooper & Partners. The agency’s identity is now gone. Does it take away Don’s as well? Don says to Roger: “What’s in…

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The Way Things Are
“Supposed To Be,” But Aren’t

Paul Oakley Stovall’s Immediate Family, directed by Phylicia Rashad, is now playing at the Mark Taper Forum. Don’t miss this sensitive, very funny, and oh-so-real depiction of a family coming to grips with things not going as expected. And, even more importantly, the people they love not being who they thought they were. They fight…

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