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by Dr. Sandra Cohen

Why Drug Addiction Is
Sometimes Impossible to Kick

Nothing in Aubry’s (Caitlin Gerard) life in American Crime Episode 5 is as important or as enticing as drugs.  Not even love.  And, she’ll put her life and Carter (Elvis Nolasko) at great risk to get her fix. What are Aubry and Carter running from in Episode 5 of American Crime? Drug addiction isn’t the…

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MAD MEN Season 7 Episode 8
Don Draper’s Dream &
The Mother He Lost

Mad Men Season 7, Episode 8, Severance, shows us just how much Don Draper needs therapy. Psychoanalysis would be even better, with his traumatic history, one he’s unconsciously living out. Don’s needed therapy for a long time. But, now, with Meagan gone, this loss repeats earlier losses. And, with Don finally opening up about the…

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The Damages Of Living
Under Someone Else’s Thumb

Living under someone else’s thumb is damaging to the spirit. We see that very clearly in the different ways the parents in American Crime try to control their kids. In my office, I see the effects of the shoulds. The “have to’s.” The chain of believing the only way to be loved is to please.…

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