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If You’re Lied To & Controlled
Paranoia Is Reasonable

No one in Wayward Pines has any independence at all. And, ironically, it happens to be Independence Day. Yet, what do you do with that? Be paranoid? Maybe. Because when you’re being controlled, it makes sense to be paranoid. Especially in Wayward Pines, where you live in a world made up of lies, secrets, and…

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Talking To Soso About Depression
Healy Gets It 100% Wrong

Never stop a depressed person from talking. Healy gets it 100% wrong in Orange Is The New Black. Never say, “It’s all in your head.” It’s not. Or that no one wants to be around you because of your feelings. There are reasons for every depression. Including Soso’s, in Season 3 of Orange Is The…

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Watch Out For Arrogant People

The people of Wayward Pines can’t watch out now. It’s too late. But it’s important to distinguish between arrogant people and someone who wants to help. Arrogance gives you no Choices. Truly, there couldn’t be a more ironic title for Episode 6 of Wayward Pines. Because no one who ended up in Wayward Pines really…

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