Why A Man Drinks Himself to Death

Mank Why a Talented Man Drinks Himself to Death

Herman Mankiewicz was a tragic figure – in 1940’s Hollywood and in David Fincher’s film, Mank. Sure, Mank stood up for what was right and against what was wrong at MGM and in the political world of the times. He had his principles, expressed too often in self-destructive ways. He was equally hurtful towards those who loved him. In…

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A Standing Man
How Integrity Triumphs Over Fear

Steven Spielberg’s powerful film, Bridge of Spies, asks some compelling psychological questions. Could there be two more different men than a Brooklyn lawyer in 1957 at the height of the Cold War and an alleged Russian spy – or are they different at all? And, if they aren’t, what is it exactly that forms an unexpected…

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Watch Out For Arrogant People

The people of Wayward Pines can’t watch out now. It’s too late. But it’s important to distinguish between arrogant people and someone who wants to help. Arrogance gives you no Choices. Truly, there couldn’t be a more ironic title for Episode 6 of Wayward Pines. Because no one who ended up in Wayward Pines really…

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