What It Tells Us
About Unyielding Convictions

The Dress went viral. And, it has a lot to do with how people see things. The whole business about The Dress also shows us what happens when people get convictions stuck in their heads. And, more so, If disagreement over things like the color of The Dress destroys relationships (Buzz Feed), then someone must have had to be right. Right? This kind of unyielding conviction is a good example of something I see in my office every day. That is two different voices inside your head with quite opposing ideas. Which one wins out is what’s important. Is it the voice that says: I want a relationship or I want to pursue this new career or I want that promotion – a voice that has at least some willingness to try?

Or is another voice stronger; the one that tries to argue you out of it? The one that says things like No, that won’t work. You’ve been disappointed before. It’ll just turn out the same. No, you really aren’t capable of succeeding at that. Who do you think you’re kidding?” The worst thing is, this voice goes about defeating any other idea. Because it’s absolutely convinced it’s right. And, that’s the real culprit – not the difference of opinion itself.

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