4 Lessons In Love At Any Age

Kaminsky Method Lessons in Love

Are you having trouble making love work? Can’t seem to go with the flow in your relationships? Well, Chuck Lorre’s two-season Netflix series The Kominsky Method offers some lessons in love that just might help. These love lessons have two basic rules. So, here’s where you begin: 1. be totally present, and 2. pay close attention to the person in front of you. Indeed, that’s The Kominsky Method, in a nutshell. Is it easy? No. But if you learn these lessons, you can improve your relationships for the better. Actually, it just takes some effort. In fact, watch the series! And you’ll see how our main characters learn the hard way. The Kominsky Method follows acting coach, Sandy Kominsky (played by Michael Douglas), and his best friend, agent Norman Newlander (played by Alan Arkin). They’re 76 and 80 years old, respectively.

Yet, fears of love are universal. Here’s one lesson to get you started:

If you like — or love —someone, don’t act like you don’t.

Don’t act nonchalant. Show up when you say you will. Don’t pretend you “could care less.” And, if you think this is “cool,” It’s not. Take it from poor Sandy Kominsky. He falls for Lisa, a new student in his acting class (played by Nancy Travis), and he makes all these mistakes. And … she’s the first “age-appropriate” woman he’s dated or married in years. Think he should know better? Well, you can blow it at any age. And, no, Sandy, you don’t call a woman at 9 p.m. on Saturday night. If only Sandy had gotten his priorities straight and asked Lisa out ahead of time. He can’t. He likes her, but won’t let himself. He’s been hurt and he doesn’t want to show he cares (at least, not too much). 

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