THE DONALD: The Good And The Ugly In His Political Incorrectness


The Good: We see exactly who he is – since Donald Trump has only contempt for any kind of political correctness. Most of us are politically correct because it reflects what we believe. Yet, political correctness for political correctness’ sake could hide what someone really thinks. The Donald isn’t self-aware enough to hide. He’s also completely incapable of putting himself in anyone else’s shoes or knowing how they feel. He’s a narcissist and narcissists see no one but themselves. Megyn Kelly was right to ask – is his tactless and misogynistic behavior presidential? We should shudder to think that as President he’d do exactly as he pleases, believing he’s always right. Thank you, Donald Trump, for exposing your truest self and having no shame.

The Ugly: Margaret Talbot put it beautifully: “Donald Trump is a celebrity demagogue … On his own reality-TV show, ‘The Apprentice,’ and now on the campaign trail, Trump displays the particular personality traits that get amped up, hyped, and rewarded on the crassest of these series: he’s as thin-skinned, tantrum-prone, ‘outrageous,’ and narcissistic as a ‘Real Housewives’ villain.” I agree. Yet, too many are captivated by Trump’s grandiosity and twisted pride in his very infantile displays (“I’m a whiner. I keep whining and whining until I win.”) They mistake this behavior for the traits that lead to success. Not so. They mistake Trump’s blatant narcissism for honesty. They relate to his prejudices. Isn’t his outrageous conduct, though, and its appeal, another example of what brings our country down?

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