SHONDA RHIMES: How To Come Out The Other Side Of Loneliness

In her Human Rights Campaign award speech on 3/14/15, Shonda Rhimes said that writing as a child saved her. I’m sure it did. Yet, I think her ability to create a world of people who served as placeholders until she could find her “people in the real world” is the most important thing. Shonda was able to persevere through a lonely childhood of feeling marginalized, erased, and judged and to believe her loneliness wasn’t forever. Knowing that there are people out there to find is the real solution to loneliness. Some lonely people lose faith very early and retreat into isolation. Fantasy is all there is. Bravo Shonda for all the ways you make lonely people feel heard. I’d like to add my voice to yours: To anyone out there who’s lonely and can’t find a way out – consider therapy. Therapy can help you believe what Shonda’s experience tells you: “You are not alone. Your tribe of people, they are out there in the world. Waiting for you.”

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