It’s Not How Others See You

Not giving in to how you’re afraid people see you is no small thing. And, getting there at 34 like Natalie Portman is sometimes easier said than done. BuzzFeed’s piece, “11 Quotes From Natalie Portman that prove she just gets it,” honors her birthday. How much clearer could it be that Natalie also has her fears? In fact, she seems to have a lot of them. But, somehow she’s overcome something really important in spite of them. Natalie isn’t afraid of what other people think.

Not being afraid of what other people think isn’t easy for many people, old or young. I see, every day in my office, just how hard it is to let go of what you think others are thinking. You have a conviction you’ll be judged. Especially if you say what you really think. So where does that lead you?

You hide feelings out of fear of rejection. Give in to the pressure to be someone you’re not. I see the psychological toll. It makes you feel controlled. You build resentments. You’re robbed of the kind of love you want. Your creativity is stifled.

My job is to help you find that place inside where you’re free to be you. Un-tethered by what you think others expect, and all those internal shoulds.”

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Dr. Sandra E. Cohen

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