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one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to therapy – and, in her psychoanalytic approach, she creates a space that fits you.

Dr. Cohen became a psychoanalyst to identify the effects of early relationships and experiences – as well as unconscious thought and fantasy. With these tools, she offers a new understanding of not only your past, but also of your current symptoms and feelings.

Everyone is different – but Dr. Cohen has repeatedly found a critical voice at the heart of many psychological problems. This critical voice can be loud or soft, but in every instance, it requires close attention because it is very damaging. It spews propaganda that you mistake for truth – and creates immobilizing self-doubt. It convinces you everything you do is wrong. It makes you afraid to try anything new; interferes with your creativity and success; ruins chances at love. It can even drive you to addictive, withdrawn, self-harming behaviors. Worst of all – it prevents you from being yourself. 

Dr. Cohen’s approach is to take a close look at how these (and other) mistaken beliefs play out in your life and, more immediately, in your sessions with her. As you talk together, you’ll work out the pain and disappointment from your past, as well as that from other therapies. By listening to everything you share – your spontaneous thoughts, your feelings about others and your experience in the room with Dr. Cohen – she re-connects your symptoms, feelings and early history – helping your life change in sometimes unimaginable ways.

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