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consultation services
consultation on impasses in treatment

In certain instances, a patient or therapist may feel a treatment is unhelpful or has stalled. I provide a series of consultations, for either patient or therapist, to sort out what’s causing this impasse and to address possible solutions.

consultation on failed previous therapies

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find a therapist who understands.  Therapies that fail can be devastating.  You are likely left with confusion about what went wrong, anger, and fear of trying again. I specialize in consulting and working with patients for whom previous therapies have failed. 

consultation by telephone or audio skype

If you reside outside the greater Los Angeles area, I provide telephone or audio Skype consultation on impasses in treatment and failed previous therapies. I am also available, by these technologies, for Clinical Supervision.  Occasionally, I will conduct therapy sessions by telephone or audio-only Skype if you are unable to find adequate help in your area of residence.  

expert opinion and public speaking

I am available for public appearances to provide expert opinion or discuss my ongoing film, TV, and book reviews at my blog, Characters on The Couch. For booking information, please see my Contact Information.

clinical supervision for other clinicians

I offer clinical supervision for practicing mental health professionals who want to further the development of their clinical skills, as well as their psychodynamic and technical understanding.

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