WAYWARD PINES: If You’re Lied To & Controlled, Paranoia Is Reasonable

It’s Independence Day – and no one in Wayward Pines has any independence at all. In such a situation, paranoia is to be expected. When you live in a world made up of lies, secrets, and threats, you’re left with one big question about what is real and who – if anyone – can be trusted.

Everyone in Wayward Pines lives with this kind of fear. Even David Pilcher, that megalomanic man known as Dr. Jenkins to most – the one who’s stolen people’s lives to create his own version of a Brave New World. Apt title, Episode 7: Betrayal. Yet, paradoxically – who is it that’s being betrayed?

David Pilcher (Toby Jones) thinks the group of insurgents, with Kate (Carla Gugino) as their leader plotting to blow up the wall, is betraying him. Gloomily, he asks Nurse Pam (Melissa Leo): “Why are they trying to undermine us?” Pilcher’s not trusting of the others either. That’s the reason for constant surveillance and the tight controls.

It’s delusional, though, for him to believe the people of Wayward Pines should be satisfied with the life he’s created for them. When, for those who won’t or can’t forget the past, it’s so obvious they are the ones betrayed. Pilcher’s mood dips into despair though, at the possibility his manic creation is being overthrown. He needs it to feel like a big man.

It’s a paranoid world he’s created. A prison. The only way to survive is to live within the “don’t think about the past” system he demands. We see people who’ve bought into Wayward Pine’s rules. Then there are some, Nurse Pam and Megan Fisher (Hope Davis) to be specific, who quite perversely revel in the new powers they wield over other people’s lives.

There are others who have, all along, tried to find the truth. Kate’s sure Ethan’s (Matt Dillon) been brainwashed. Or maybe he’s the other agent Adam Hassler (Tim Griffin) says, in his phone message, will test her in the Government experiment he tells her she’s in. Ethan’s sure Kate just won’t believe the truth. Yet, what is the truth exactly?

When you’ve been tricked, hurt, and used – it’s impossible to know what and who to believe. Everyone and everything is suspect – even your own thoughts. What do you trust? There’s a risk in trusting no one at all. But, what happens if you’re too trusting? That’s equally as dangerous. Look what happened to Ben.

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