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Photo: Holaday Mason

Sandra E. Cohen, Ph.D
Psychologist • Psychoanalyst

Entertainment Consulting
for actors, writers, and directors


I’ve had over 36 years of clinical and psychoanalytic experience working directly and intensively with a variety of difficult psychological and life struggles. I apply this understanding to helping actors, writers, and directors think more deeply about their characters. Psychologically troubled or complex characters pose a challenge to portray and write about in a believable way. My psychological work especially comes in handy when the portrayal of a character or a complex set of life circumstances just doesn’t seem to hold together.


Psychological problems for any given person or character are subtle and individual and, because of that, can’t be taken from a textbook list of diagnostic symptoms. History matters and no two people respond to their histories or traumas or losses in the same way. Most of the time, a writer’s, actor’s, or director’s sensitivities, research, and own life experiences carry them through. Yet, in certain instances, stumbling blocks occur. That’s where I come in.

I offer:


  • Script review for psychological character consistency
  • Developing character history that fits psychological outcome
  • On-set consultations
  • One on one meetings
I also provide consultations and therapy for:


  • Writer’s Block
  • Audition anxiety
  • Blocks to achieving desired career success
  • Any other creative block you have
  • That critical voice or saboteur in your head